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Sustainable Construction

Hello! Welcome! We are an eco-friendly construction company based in Vancouver, Canada. Settle in, we'd love to show you a little bit about who we are, what we do and why. 

We offer services ranging from custom carpentry projects, bespoke kitchen and bathroom design & builds to full scale residential or commercial renovations. Our network of designers, subtrades and suppliers, in combination with our simple design process, helps to ensure that you can watch your dream manifest in a timely, cost effective and orderly manner without having to sweat the small details.    

Our Mission

To deliver a product that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of our clients and the Earth by building with materials that are sustainably sourced and non-toxic. 

To make sustainable construction the obvious choice with our streamlined and easy process designed to save you time, money and stress from the beginning of the project to handover of the finished product. 

Long lasting, detail oriented construction 

Use of natural, sustainably sourced and local materials first

Strive to minimize landfill waste 

Our Values

Our Method 

Reliable, experienced advice.


Honest, efficient timelines tailored to your needs and expectations.


Strong communication channels based on trust and transparency.


A top notch product built to the highest standards, using healthy, non-toxic, sustainable materials.