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Sustainable Construction

Horizon Eco Builders is a new breed of construction company. Our goals and values are firmly rooted in building a better, more sustainable world. A world that we can pass on proudly to our children and our children’s children.

Build for the future, in the present - it just makes sense.

Our Mission

Deliver a product that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of our clients and the Earth.

A product that is high quality and long lasting at a competitive price.


Disrupt the status quo in an industry typically described as wasteful and harmful to the environment.  





Our Values

Our Method 

Sustainable waste management


Prioritization of natural, local, sustainable materials

Company values designed to encourage sustainability within our team

Promotion and participation in the development of circularity within our industry

Workshops and community involvement to spread the word!

What we offer

We offer services ranging from custom carpentry projects, bespoke kitchen and bathroom design & builds to full scale residential or commercial renovations. Our network of designers, subtrades and suppliers, in combination with our easy design process, ensures that you can watch your dream realize in a timely, cost effective and orderly manner without having to sweat the small details.