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General Contractors Specializing in Renovation

We value communication, quality, transparency and diligence. We work closely with architects, engineers, and interior designers to create unique and healthy spaces.

Our Services

Wooden House

Renovation / Additions

Whether you're looking to move structural walls in your house for a more open concept living space, redo your kitchen or bathroom, or add the finishing touches with some reclaimed shelving or a feature wall, Horizon Eco Builders has the experience to make it happen in a cost-effective, timely and sustainable manner. 

Carpenter at Work

Custom carpentry

Where imagination meets craftsmanship, transforms raw wood into bespoke creations, each piece a testament to skill and creativity. From intricate designs to personalized solutions, every project bears the mark of artisanal excellence.



The silent heroes of maintenance, restore functionality and breathe life into worn-out structures with precision and care. From patching up cracks to fixing leaks, they ensure that every corner is fortified, keeping homes and buildings standing strong.

Why Choose Us

Your Project, Our Local Dedication

A small and dedicated team, locally owned and operated, is the heartbeat of our service. With personalized attention, we bring a local touch to every project, ensuring excellence and a connection to the community we proudly serve

Integrity, Transparency and Craftsmanship

We aim for a win/win situation. Your home will be treated with the same care as our own, ensuring honesty and skillful craftsmanship in every aspect. Our billing system is clear and transparent, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

Clear Communication, High Quality

Effective communication and superior quality are fundamental to success in any relationship. We prioritize clear and transparent communication, recognizing its pivotal role in achieving success as we take pride in the consistently high quality we deliver

Green Building Specialists

We lead with sustainability, opting for deconstruction over demolition, salvaging materials, and minimizing chemical usage. Our energy-efficient designs, commitment to disassembly, and zero waste to landfill objective not only benefit the environment but also enhance property value and efficiency.

Business representative
"We had the pleasure of working with Horizon Eco-Builders on a renovation project. Simon and Thomas at Horizon Eco-Builders are specialists in environmentally friendly construction projects. The work was executed very professionally and in a timely manner. They are extremely punctual, meticulous, and leave no detail behind. We highly recommend this young, dynamic and bilingual construction company who carried out this project as if it was their own house! We are really happy with the new look of our house!"

Chor-Huy P.

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