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Janos- Final _edited.jpg

Daffodil Dr.   

Front Entryway Remodel 

A flagship project for us during our first year of existence, this project was a real proof of concept. We were able to trial our waste management program and sustainable material use to great effect.    

Low V.O.C. finish, local materials, and donated demolition waste were all exciting innovations used but most importantly, Client Janos loved the look of his new front entryway!

Prince Edward St.   

Basement Renovation 

In the summer of 2021, we took on this basement reno for a client who was looking update his basement suite. A new kitchen and bathroom increased the functionality and beauty of the space, while new flooring, a redesigned layout and new lighting throughout completed the make-over. All of the construction waste was hand sorted and donated to maximize the landfill diversion. Eco-friendly insulation and paint were chosen by Etan, the client, to increase the energy efficiency of the unit while keeping emissions down.  This project was featured in the January 2022 issue of Reno+Decor Magazine in an article titled "Going Green".       


Lumigica Dining Huts 

In the Fall of 2021 we had the opportunity to work in partnership with Heritage Lumber and Unbuilders and designer Stephanie Droz to help MK Illuminations make their Lumagica Surrey exhibit more sustainable. 


We built five sustainable dining huts that can be easily disassembled for transportation and storage and reused at upcoming events for years


The huts were constructed out of reclaimed Douglas fir, salvaged by Unbuilders and processed and sold by Heritage Lumber making it the most sustainable building material on the market.


Balaclava St.

Back Deck and Patio 

Clients John and Morgan had ambitious design ideas for their back deck and new ground level patio. We worked collaboratively with them to determine what was feasible and bring a little "Eco Builders" flair to their ideas before bearing down and executing this beautiful project.  


Local materials, salvage, waste management and construction methods geared towards longevity of the product were the eco friendly hallmarks of this project. We just love how it turned out!   

W. 21st Avenue 

Carport Repair and Retrofit 

When we were approached by Dale and Jane in the Summer of 2020 we had no idea that it would be the start of a long and pleasant collaborative business relationship. We have now completed three major projects for them of which this carport was the second. 


Inspired by Dale and Jane's imaginative vision and go get em' attitude, we completely rebuilt their carport salvaging and reusing 90% of the original material while beefing up the structure and adding a metal roof for additional longevity   

Dale and Jane - Carport 01 (1)_edited.jpg
Etan Renovation - Kitchen-Dining Room (Phone edit).jpg


Janos- Final .jpg

Decks, Arbours, Pergolas 

Light 1.jpeg


Janice Fence finito 3.jpg

Fences and Gates 

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