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W. 21st Avenue 


Inspired by clients Dale and Jane's imaginative vision and go get em' attitude, we completely rebuilt their carport, salvaging and reusing 90% of the original material while improving the structure and adding a metal roof for additional longevity.   

Carport-Repair rebuild
Facade Repair 1



The residence's facade bore the scars of time, with cracks spider-webbing across its surface and paint peeling in resignation. Neglected by years of exposure to the elements, it cried out for attention. Now, skilled hands and diligent effort converged to restore its dignity. Scaffolding ascended, heralding a transformation. With care and precision, the craftsmen repaired the facade, breathing vitality back into the home's exterior. Each repaired crack and fresh coat of paint whispered promises of renewed beauty, a testament to the dedication of restoration.

Facade repair 2



The residential deck, once a place of leisure, now showed signs of wear and tear. Weathered boards creaked underfoot, and splintered railings hinted at neglect. Yet, with determination, the crew set to work. Hammering, sanding, and staining, they breathed new life into the tired structure. Bit by bit, the deck regained its former allure, ready to welcome laughter and relaxation once more.

Deck Repair
Deck repair  2
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