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About us

We're looking to hire a Lead Carpenter to our team!

About us

Sustainable Home-Renovation In Vancouver

Founded in the spring of 2019 Horizon Eco Builders Inc. is the first of its kind - a home-renovation company that can bring its clients a top quality service that is sustainable, innovative and healthy at an affordable price. With our first three years of existence spent strengthening and developing industry relations and refining our product, Horizon Eco Builders is now primed to become one of the major players in the home-renovation industry in Vancouver. Our mission is to provide the City of Vancouver and the Lower-Mainland with our cost-effective yet sustainable service and in so doing, strengthen the movement towards sustainability that the world is currently undergoing. Horizon Eco Builders Inc. is a licenced, insured and WCB protected business.  

Want to become a member of our team? We're always searching for passionate, motivated individuals who care about the environment and are looking to make a positive impact on the planet. We're currently seeking a Red Seal Carpenter (or equivalent experience) for a Lead Carpenter position on our team. Send us an email at: with a copy of your resume attached and a short paragraph detailing why you think you would be a good fit at our company and we will get back to you. 

Simon Druart, Co-Founder

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Simon has always been inspired by sustainable initiatives. Growing up between Belgium and France, he was constantly confronted with the population density of Europe and the need for humans to start living sustainably as the population of the earth grows. He studied mechanical engineering and design in university, and worked in manufacturing and systems architecture while still in Europe. His passion for construction began in 2009 while traveling throughout Europe and gaining exposure to new and innovative sustainable building techniques and materials. He combined sustainability and construction by focusing his learning on eco-friendly materials and self-sufficient houses. He moved to Canada in 2016 and worked for a Passive House builder before starting his ambitious adventure with Thomas and Horizon Eco Builders. Since 2023 he is Project Manager Professional certified by PMI.

Thomas DuBoyce, Co-Founder

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Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Thomas arrived on the west coast in his early twenties looking for adventure and direction and quickly found carpentry as an outlet for his creativity and enthusiasm. He started his journey towards sustainable construction while working as a commercial framer in 2015 and getting a first hand view of how much material wastage is the norm in the construction industry. He began immersing himself in alternative building methods, and started working for a high efficiency/Passive House builder based in Vancouver. Thus began his crash course in cutting edge sustainable home construction and design culminating with the founding of Horizon Eco Builders in 2019. On this journey he has learned not to accept the status-quo in the building industry, but to constantly strive for more efficient and better solutions to common problems.

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