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Custom Eco Friendly Construction In Vancouver

Horizon Eco Builders 

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Founded in 2019, Horizon Eco Builders is the creative brainchild of Simon Druart and Thomas DuBoyce. The idea was born while both were working for a sustainable building company in Vancouver and as, quickly, each founder discovered common values in the other. Horizon Eco Builders hopes to provide the City of Vancouver with an Eco Friendly construction alternative which can help in the effort to make this one of the greenest cities in the world. Horizon Eco Builders is a licenced, insured and WCB protected business.   

Simon Druart

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Simon has always been concerned by sustainability. Growing up between Belgium and France, he studied mechanical engineering and design. His passion for construction was born in 2009 while traveling in Europe and being exposed to new sustainable building techniques and materials. He quickly combined sustainability and construction by focusing his learning on eco-friendly materials and autonomous houses. He moved to Canada in 2016 and worked for a Passive House builder before starting his ambitious adventure with Thomas and Horizon Eco Builders

Thomas DuBoyce

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Thomas started his journey towards sustainable building while working in commercial carpentry in 2015 and realizing how much material wastage was the norm in the industry. He began immersing himself in alternative building methods, and started working for a high efficiency/Passive House builder based in Vancouver, Canada. It was with this company that he learned not to accept the status-quo in the building industry, but to constantly strive for more efficient and better solutions to common problems. Leading him to found Horizon Eco Builders with Simon in 2019.