Our Inspiration

At Horizon Eco Builders we find ourselves constantly reinvigorated and inspired by the amazing people working towards change and growth for humanity in the city of Vancouver. Here are a few of the companies we've come into contact with that bring strong values and hope to the table with them every day. 


Unbuilders is Canada’s foremost deconstruction company. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we unbuild homes by hand and salvage almost everything, including irreplaceable old growth lumber, windows, doors, cabinets, fixtures and appliances. Unbuilders maximizes the material salvage to minimize the cost, hassle and environmental footprint. The salvaged goods are then donated to charity generating a tax receipt for the building owner and reducing our cost below traditional demolition. Our preferred charity, Habitat for Humanity, uses proceeds from the material sales to build affordable housing. Thus, hiring Unbuilders satisfies the triple bottom line - planet, people, profit. We are proud to hold the City of Vancouver’s highest recorded salvage and recycle rate at 99.2% of a single-family home.


The Vancouver Tool Library (VTL) is a cooperative tool lending library in East Vancouver located at 3448 Commercial Street. Run by its members for its members, the VTL is a collective community resource.  Their website states: "We are motivated by a vision of our community empowered by the tools and skills needed to transform their homes and neighbourhoods into vibrant spaces that reflect a commitment to sustainability." Those are values we can really get behind at Horizon! 

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